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Data Security

Our Controls and Policies:

At Ashley Davis Photography, we prioritize security and privacy through comprehensive technical and organizational measures (TOMs) outlined in our Controls. These measures include approved processes, clear assignment of responsibilities, and policies covering computer use, data classification, access control, encryption, and regular testing of key controls.

We ensure that all Personal Information collected, used, and shared adheres to our Controls and related policies.

Management Of Risks:

We conduct risk assessments periodically to identify, analyze, monitor, and report risks. We implement controls as necessary to mitigate these risks effectively.

Management Of Assets:

Our asset management program classifies and controls hardware and software assets throughout their life cycle, ensuring proper management and protection.

Team Member Education And Awareness:

All team members acknowledge and agree to adhere to data security and privacy responsibilities. We conduct pre-employment background checks, provide security and privacy training, enforce disciplinary processes, and promptly manage access rights upon termination or role change.

Vulnerability Assessments:

Regular vulnerability assessments and network penetration testing are conducted on systems, platforms, networks, and applications handling Personal Information to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Physical Access Control Systems:

We maintain robust access control systems to safeguard Personal Information, including authorization processes for physical and logical access, access logging, and strict access control for job-related functions.


We authenticate team members’ identities using strong authentication credentials such as passwords, token devices, or biometrics to ensure secure access to sensitive information.

At Ashley Davis Photography, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy to protect your information.

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